MSU AIChE Climate Conference

Event Times & Locations


Norm Asbjornson Hall, MSU

April 27th 2019

The Climate Conference will be entirely contained within Norm Asbjornson Hall. Individual event locations and times are detailed below.



10:00 AM: Opening Remarks - Dean Gunnink

10:40 AM: The Role of Carbon Dioxide in Climate Change and Modeling Climate Change in the Near Future - Dr. Nick Silverman

11:20 AM: How Ecological Systems are Evolving with Climate Change - Dr. Bruce Maxwell

12:00 PM: Locally Sourced Farm to Campus Lunch (Free) - Provided by Montana State University Office of Sustainability

1:00 PM: Community Efforts to Address Climate Change - Dr. Paul Lachapelle

1:40 PM: How Climate Change is Affecting Crop Yields, Weeds, and Pathogens - Dr. Fabian Menalled

2:20 PM: Undergraduate Engagement

3:20 PM: Keynote: View from the Center of the Universe: Climate Change and Energy Markets - Jim Williams