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Get Ready for this Year’s MSU Climate Conference!

Hosted by the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering and the Montana State University Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

The Climate Conference will be an open event designed to unite the Montana community in the fight against our changing climate. Together we will examine the current fossil fuel based energy system and its role in climate change as well as various renewable energy solutions. Speakers will investigate how the community is affected by climate change and will offer realistic ways that you can make a difference. Undergraduate poster sessions will feature students research in renewable energy technologies and climate change's effect on local ecology. Sound interesting? Come check it out on April 27th!

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“Montana State University is as remarkable as its setting. Created as a land-grant institution, it is a welcoming, adventurous community of students, faculty and staff distinguished by its commitment to address the world's greatest challenges. The university energizes individuals to discover and pursue their aspirations. It inspires people to engage with the university to improve the human prospect through excellence in education, research, creativity and civic responsibility.”

-Montana State University


“The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a world wide professional organization that facilitates the sharing of research, student competitions, varied conferences, global networking, and other learning opportunities. The chapter here, at Montana State University, focuses on working with the public to spread information about STEM professions and the possibilities of chemical engineering.”



“We serve the State of Montana and the nation through excellence in learning, discovery and engagement to meet the land grant mission of accessibility and value at MSU. We especially value creativity, work ethic, honesty, quality, collegiality, diversity and equality. We specialize in research in energy, biological and biochemical engineering, imaging and simulation, microfluidics, biomass conversion and materials engineering. Research centers include the Center for Biofilm Engineering, and the Thermal Biology Institute.”

-MSU Chemical and Biological Engineering Department